September-November, online, only a few spots available!


Does any of this sound like you?

  • You know you should get some funding but you can never find the time while researching, writing papers, and supporting others... the right moment never seems to come.
  • You never had the need to get your own funding. You know it's important, but everything seems important!
  • You may have applied for some grants, but you never felt you had an innovative idea or enough experience, so you never tried the big calls.
  • You're tired of spending countless hours writing grant proposals that never seem to get approved. You know you're missing something but just don't know what!

If reading any of this made you think "how does she know?!", keep reading. You're not alone, and I have something for you!

You're a postdoc or have your own group...

Writing keeps being the most important task of your job. Only now the type of writing has changed. You know that at this stage of your career, writing grant proposals and review papers is a must.

But you cannot find the time to write among all the other responsibilities. You feel constantly juggling. The experiments. Teaching. Supervision... The messy middle.

You don't want to write in the weekend and evenings. Especially, when there is no guarantee that will be funded...

Imagine this...

You have a system to write your grant proposal. So you go and write it knowing what goes where.

You have peace of mind knowing that your ideas will get funded. Maybe not by this call. Maybe not in this round. But you know they will.

You know how to manage your time, energy and this project, so you don't sacrifice your nights and weekends.

It's time to write a project again. And you know all the steps you need to take to get the money!

The truth is, writing a successful grant proposal requires more than just technical writing skills

It requires the right mindset to sell your ideas and you as the ideal candidate.

It requires a project management approach to keep moving through the different phases while managing your time, energy, and the people that will help you

And it requires a deep understanding of what funding agencies are looking for.

Without this combination of skills, even the most talented scientists can struggle to secure the funding they need to advance their work.

Many scientists like you face similar challenges in their careers, but fortunately, you don't need to do this alone. And that's why we've created...

The academic launchpad

A 3-month coaching program to help you write a project proposal, with motivation to do it and confidence that sooner or later will work out

September-November 2023, online

Only a few spots available!


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Mindful Scientific Writing


You'll have access to our online platform where you can watch at your own pace the video lessons. These lessons are structured around 4 topics with several short video lessons of ca. 10 min for easy watching. Each lesson includes points for you to take action: writing parts of your proposal, arranging work with collaborators, planning your time, or reflecting on the workbook. You'll also have access to extra resources, like examples of submitted proposals and evaluators' comments.

Here are some of the lessons inside each topic:


  • Why you and this idea
  • Goals and your BHAG
  • Changing the mindset around rejection & impostor syndrome


  • Your blue ocean
  • The three-keyword framework
  • Network and collaborators


  • Fundamentals of scientific writing
  • The different sections
  • Writing a Narrative CV


  • Storytelling in academic writing
  • Copywriting and voice of customer
  • Personal branding, marketing & sales

This is a UNIQUE curriculum that comes from merging:

1) 15 years of experience working in top institutions, reviewing grant applications, getting my own funding, and also being rejected.
2) The work I've done at "I focus and write" since 2020. Helping hundreds of scientists to focus and write with a mindful approach. But also learning about marketing and sales strategies that you can apply to write your proposal 🙌🏼

Plus, in this edition (not sure in future ones!) once you join the Academic Launchpad, you get lifetime access to all of the program materials – which means you can revise the materials to write your next project.


One of the characteristics of our programs is the SUPPORT you get, and it will be a strong component of the Academic Launchpad. Because of that, we ONLY HAVE 10 SPOTS available. This support happens in different ways:

1) Group coaching calls in Zoom.

We´ll have 6 Q&A calls to discuss your progress, questions, and insights in a group setting. This is a unique opportunity to discover aspects you didn´t think about while being inspired by others. The calls will be on Thursdays at 14.00 (Madrid time zone) on September 7th, 21st, October 5th, November 2nd, 16th, 30th. These calls will always be recorded, and if you cannot attend we encourage you to send us your questions so we still discuss them.

2) Co-working sessions and 20-min private chats with Ana.

All the other Thursdays that there is no Q&A call, we´ll have a co-working session from 14.00-16.00 to advance on your project. During this time, I'll be in a breakout room and you can schedule at least 1 private meeting with me each month, to discuss your progress

3) Feedback on your writing

We will revise once the proposal you write during the time of the program. We, because I do this together with our amazing editors Dr. Judith Pell and Dr. Alison Haughton. Together we have more than 40 years of experience as researchers and similar experience as editors!

4) Asynchronous private support

We also love to support you via email, slack either through text, voice or video on anything that has you blocked!


Bonus #1: Write a review-type paper

This bonus alone is worth the price of the full program. The two pieces of writing that will help you launch your academic career are a project proposal and a review-type of paper. These articles will boost your visibility and authority in the field, plus can be published much faster than an experimental paper.

The idea generation process and several of the phases of writing a project are the same as for writing a review-type of paper. And with the bonus I'll give you strategies to write that article, optimizing current or future efforts of a proposal. Either direction is worth your time and effort!

Some of the current participants have actually started writing a review-type of paper! See what they say after only 1 month:

" Before the course and during the first couple of weeks, I felt it was unlikely to organize this review. Now, I think it can be real. I've learned how to organize a review manuscript from zero. For example, find the topic of the review, prepare the outline, the invitation request, and deal with collaborators... All these steps were unknown to me"

"Writing the review has become an achievable task in my mind! I have started deliberately using your copywriting methods as well as storytelling. I think this has improved my writing. And my new boss says I write well, probably because of these!"

Bonus #2: Co-working membership

During the 3 months of the program, you can also take part in our co-working membership SUSTAIN. There are at least 4 co-working sessions per week that you can use as accountability to book time for your writing. And in each of them, you have a chance to interact with us and with the amazing community of mindful scientists that are members 🎊 You can see a provisional schedule here.

Bonus #3: 2-day virtual writing retreat

You get an invitation to attend our virtual writing retreat "Get it done" on 25th-26th of October (or a voucher for the next one if you cannot attend). These writing retreats are one of the favourite experiences of the students of "I focus and write". In these two days you'll give a big push to your proposal and discover a new way of writing!

See some of the things our current participants say after only 1 month of being in the program!

Without the course, I wouldn't force myself to find the time to work on the project. But more importantly, after every lesson, I feel a boost of energy, motivation, and creativity. And in the next working session, I checked the slides again and they guide my work and help me keep focus

"I am really enjoying it and finding it useful! I know it is difficult with me on such a different time zone, and it is worse than taking part in the class live, but I find it really helpful the care you take in making sure I have time to speak with you!"

"I always struggle to talk about myself on the narrative CV. After having my narrative CV revised by Ana, I noticed an improvement in the coherence of the text and felt better about it. Getting feedback from somebody I trust was a great help!"

"I've noticed a significant improvement in my writing. Now I'm more conscious of the writing process and of how to sell my idea better. Plus I've advanced positively from the detachment of my bosses"

Ready to write your project proposal?

We only have a few spots available!

2500 € (+VAT)


What´s included:

  • Lifetime access to the Academic Launchpad curriculum
  • 3 months of support via zoom, email & Slack during September, October & November
  • 6 group coaching calls
  • Feedback and discussion of your proposal
  • An amazing community to interact with in Slack and Zoom
  • Bonus 1: Course to write a review paper
  • Bonus 2: 3 months in our co-working membership Sustain
  • Bonus 3: Virtual writing retreat

Apply now!

If you're like "Yes, I want this!", please apply by filling out the form at the button below. Then I'll assess if indeed we can help with your goals, and we'll schedule a call for any questions and to complete the registration.

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Why you’ll love working with me? 

Hey, I’m Ana, and…

I'm the founder of "I focus and write", where we help scientists to focus and write with a mindful approach. One that got us published in Nature here and here. Since 2020 we've worked with hundreds of scientists at different stages in their careers. And since the beginning, they've asked me to create this program to write project proposals.

The Academic Launchpad is born from my more than 15 years of research, mostly working in Wageningen (The Netherlands). Born from writing and getting funding from different sources (including Marie Curie). And from building this business!

But also born from the struggles. The feelings of not being good enough to get some grants. The rejections when they didn´t work. And not being able of making time while having a life, and two small kids.

Now it's your turn to learn!

Mindful Scientific Writing
Mindful Scientific Writing

For who is this course?

The Academic Launchpad is our more advanced program to write a project proposal with confidence that they're on the right track. It's specially designed for:

  • Postdocs and scientists with their own group (assistant/associate professor level).
  • Scientists that want to apply to a medium-big call. These are some examples of calls I have experience with, either for myself or as a coach for others: Marie Curie, ERC starting grant, ERC consolidator grant, and national funding from The Netherlands (Veni-Vidi-Vici) and Spain.
  • Scientists with an affinity to the vision of "I focus and write". Mindful scientists who are ambitious, want to reach their research goals AND also want to have a private life where there is time and energy for rest, fun, and happiness!

But to be honest, this program is probably not for you if you’re searching for:

  • Individualized attention. I do my best on supporting you whenever you need help. But please note that this is a group program. If you'd like a private coaching package, let me know, I sometimes have a few spots for that.
  • A grant writer. This is a program where YOU'll learn to write your grants and projects. We will not write those for you. That's not a service we offer in "I focus and write".
  • A 100% guarantee that your project will be funded. Nobody can guarantee that, and I'd like to make it clear here too!
Mindful Scientific Writing

Apply now!

If you're like "Yes, I want this!", please apply by filling out the form at the button below. Then I'll assess if indeed we can help with your goals, and we'll schedule a call for any questions and to complete the registration.

Please click on the button below to apply for The Academic Launchpad 🎊



Yes! The rejection rate in grants is high. But when that happens, the same proposal can be submitted with minor changes to different calls. Although I cannot guarantee results, I'm confident that the ideas you'll develop first, and then write inside this program, will eventually get funded. If you doubt it, then don't join the program.


The principles of the course apply to any research field, similar to what happens to most scientific writing books. The specific examples I show are mainly from my research field (Ecology, Entomology, Plant Sciences, Agriculture). But you could find those examples in proposals from your field. In addition to researchers from my topic, some of our students work on Marine Biology, Cancer Research, or Law.


Absolutely! Some of my clients have found part of the content completely new and that their proposals have become better after implementing what they learned. The program has also extra benefits: 1) accountability and support to keep advancing; 2) continuous feedback on your writing that you may not receive from anyone once you're more advanced in your career.


Yes. For this edition of the program, I will revise ONCE everything. But only what you finish within the three months that the program lasts. Our editors, Alison and Judith will give extra feedback for second rounds.


During the PhD, the main goal should be to finish it as timely as possible. If you feel you have that goal under control and would like to start writing a postdoc project, submit the application and I will assess if we can help you.


You’ll need to check this with your supervisor (plus probably some sort of approval to take a course during your working hours). In my experience, you may get a full or partial funding for this type of courses, but that's out of my control ;)   


No. Due to the limited spots in the course, I cannot offer a refund. If you are doubting whether joining or not, please send me an email explaining your situation. I’ll do my best to help you make a decision!

Do you have a question that is not answered here? Or would you like to discuss you situation? Just drop me an email at

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